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A seated man with a prosthetic leg is completing the sign up form.

Join our diverse global community. Shape the future. Make it more inclusive of all our needs.

We are a positively different community. We recognise and value the power of diverse perspectives including people with lived experience of disability or other specific access needs.

We work with brands who are listening. They want to make products and services you will love. They understand the value of insight from those who sense, think, move and feel differently.

You can earn income while helping businesses make their business better for you.

Join the community

Join the community

This community is being built with, for and by people with lived experiences of disability.

We are currently providing incentivised inclusive research opportunities for you to share your perspectives as and when you choose to. As the community develops, we will look to provide many other valuable ways that you can engage, learn, inform innovation, innovate and find products or services suited to your needs.

We will co-create the future of this community with you. By joining us now you can help create the community you would most like to be a part of.
Find and share ideas across communities you choose to engage with.
Participate in research as and when it interests you. Influence design. Help create solutions you will love.
Find products and services more easily that suit your specific needs and context.

Who should join the community?

Do you find it difficult to find products and services that suit your or your family's specific needs?

Are you ready to unleash the power of your diverse insights to make the world a better place to be human?

Join our global community of diverse consumers. Know that your ideas are valuable, valued and generate real change. Earn income and other benefits while making the world more inclusive for all!
A diverse group of people chatting.
Three people sharing their new product ideas.

Be an influencer!

As a member of our community you can share your unique perspectives on the experiences you have as a customer. 

When you share your thoughts on SimplyOpen you know that  leading brands are listening to your ideas and learning from them. 

Your insights will allow them to create products and services that are better for you and others with needs like your's

This community is designed for you if:

You sense differently


You move differently


You think or feel differently

Chronic health condition (physical or mental)

The Simply Open community values

Simple, open and fair

We are making it simpler for the community to provide valuable insights and feedback to business.

We are open and clear in each engagement. We provide fair exchange of value to all.

Pragmatically positive

We are creating a community that is able to influence positive change globally.

We connect current challenges to creative options for improvement so that tomorrow is more inclusive than today.

Collaborate for impact

We work in partnership with individuals and organisations across the globe.

As a group working together we will build momentum and generate change further, faster and at a greater scale than any of us can do alone.

Some of the partners we are proud to work with globally

Two people working together on a project.
“I have just completed the ‘buying habits and your disability’ survey that you posted for the community. It was one of the best surveys I’ve completed because it was clear and simple. I felt I got to share what I wanted to about my troubles with online shopping really easily"
Woman in her 20s with multiple access needs, UK
A young blind Asian woman using with her phone.

Powered by positive difference.
Be heard, generate real change.