Simply Open Awards 2022

Recognising and sharing practical solutions across the disability community

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Have you created a solution or adapted an existing one that has helped reduce barriers or exclusion around you? If so, you could win part of £25,000 and a paid opportunity to present your solution in Vienna 2023.

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A solution is being presented to a group of diverse people

What is the Simply Open Awards?

A wheelchair user trying to access gym equipment with an angry face.

The Simply Open Awards require individuals to submit a video up to 2 minutes long, showcasing a solution (no matter how simple it is) they have created that improves daily personal experiences, enhances independence, capability, or joy for themselves or for somebody who has a disability or access barrier.

There are 5 awarding categories and 35 cash prizes (including wildcards and NGO/Not for profit prizes) totalling £25,000.

At least 30 finalists from the Simply Open Awards will have their solutions submitted into the Global Discovery Awards for a chance to win a trip to Zero Project Conference in Vienna 2023, where you could find yourself presenting your solution to Accessibility Leaders from around the world.

An illustration of a  diverse group of 7 people having a discussion about a solution

Are You Eligible For The Awards?

The Simply Open Awards is open to anyone with great practical solutions who have/are:

  1. A disability or other specific access needs;
  2. A carer, friend, colleague, teacher or family member who supports someone with a disability or access needs;
  3. And you must be from one of the following countires:
  1. United Kingdom / Ireland
  2. United States / Canada
  3. Australia / New Zealand

The Simply Open Awards is not for:

  1. Individuals or entrepreneurs who have developed their idea into a commercial solution that they are selling or planning to sell in the market.
  2. Individuals or entrepreneurs who are not willing to share their solution publicly for others to learn from and adopt for their personal use. Or where intellectual property protection may be a concern.

Simply Open Award Categories for 2022

The Simply Open Awards has 5 categories:

(NOTE: You can submit as many solutions as you like, however a solution can only be submitted to one category.)

Daily Living & Wellbeing

You must show how your solution has improved yours or someone else's activities, such as eating, dressing, maintaining hygiene, getting around the home, and keeping a positive & healthy mind, body & soul.
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Employment & Advocacy

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You must show how your solution has enabled you or someone else to engage more inclusively in their work, employment, or advocacy environment.

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Getting Out & About

You must show how your solution has enabled you or someone else to get around, socialise with others, and participate in sports, entertainment and fun activities.
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You must show how your solution enables you or someone else to better communicate in day to day life.
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You must show how your solution has enabled you or someone else to build skills or help engage in learning.
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3 regional Impact Wildcards  will be awarded for fabulous solutions at the discretion of the Wildcard sponsors.
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Prize Structure

  1. 1st - £2,000
  2. 2nd - £1,000
  3. 3rd - £500
  4. 4th - £250
  5. 5th - £100

Each category will have the same prize structure awarding the top 5 individuals.

  1. 1st - £2,500
  2. 2nd - £1,000

Non Goverment Organisations (NGOs) and Non-Profits whose members submit the most accepted solutions for the competiton will be awarded for their advocacy and outreach efforts in sharing the competition with their communities.

  1. 3 x £750

Impact wildcards. One solution per region.

Timeline for the awards

19th May 2022
Applications Open
2nd September 2022
Applications Close
September 2022
Judging Starts
3rd December 2022
Simply Open Award Winners Announced
10th January 2023
Global Discovery Awards
23rd February 2023
Zero Project Conference

How to Enter the Simply Open Awards

  • 1.Read the video criteria

  • 2.Record your 2 minute video

  • 3.Upload video and complete submission

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Watch Josh's example of his solution

A wheelchair user is exercising using stretchy bands. Text explains  its a home hack exercise for the daily living and well being category. With Lilly Logo bottom left.

Calling NGOs and Not for Profits

The Open Inclusion team are presenting at an event.
  1. 1st - £2,500
  2. 2nd - £1,000

To support our Community Partners and all the incredible work you do, we have 2 prizes to award two organisations who encourage their members to submit the greatest number of solutions to the Simply Open Awards.

If you have a community that might be interested in taking part and you want to help spread the word about these awards to your community. Please contact us on:

What is the Global Discovery Awards?

The Global Discovery Awards is made up of a consortium of organisations (including us Open Inclusion, Enable India, EI Labs, Enable Me and more) from around the world. With a collective common - to create a global digital space of inclusive solutions where people can publicly learn from others' with similar access or exclusion barriers.

Two people presenting a solution on stage in front of an audience.

Each of the organisations are running their own regional awards programmes. All shortlisted winners from each of the regions will be submitted into the Global Discovery Awards where those videos will be added to the digital space and two overall winners will be announced.

Those two winners from the Global Discovery Awards will get the opportunity to showcase their solution in front of world leaders in innovation and accessibility at the Zero Project Conference at the United Nations Headquaters in Vienna, February 2023. The trip and expenses will all be paid for.

Judges Required

We’re currently looking for experienced, capable and enthusiastic professionals in the Accessibility field to join our judging panel for 2022.

A mother and son presenting a mood board solution for hidden disabilities


about the wonderful grass root solutions that have been developed by people with lived experience across the disability community


the applicants videos


applicants by giving them feedback about their solutions


our virtual event on 3rd December 2022 and meet the finalists, sponsors, other judges, and partners

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Would you like to share the opportunity to bring together a great selection of practical solutions that we can all learn from? Together we will celebrate the creativity across the community.

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I am not sure if my solution is good enough?

We want anybody who has created a solution or have taken an existing solution and modified it in a way to suit your requirements. It does not matter how simple and low cost it may seem. As long as your solution enables you to do something and helps reduce an access or exclusion barrier. We want you to submit an application.

It could be as simple as an extension to a make up brush to help apply makeup because you can't reach your face.

It could be a simple device to help communicate if you are non-verbal.

It could be a placing a simple home made block down to get access into a garden or house.

Can I submit my solution into more than one category?

No. You can only submit your solution into one category. However you can submit as many different solutions as you like into one category.

If I am originally from one of the regions but do not live there anymore, can I still apply?

No. You must be a premenant resident living in one of our 6 qualifying countries in order to apply.

If I got shortlisted for the trip to Vienna. Does the paid trip include a carer?

Yes, the Essl Foundation will be covering the costs for you and a carer/PA if required.

Is there examples of other solutions that I can watch?

Yes. Check out this blog that includes examples of solutions but also top tips on recording your videos:

Can I win more than one category

No. You can only be a finalist in one category. However, you may receive in addition to being a finalist, a wildcard prize.